21 Blackjack Game

The variant Bonus Blackjack, offers the possibility to bet on the possibility of extracting certain predetermined hands, for which the casinos pay an additional bonus. By choosing the variant of Blackjack Bonus online, beyond the usual circle  to the betting, there is another smaller circle for betting Blackjack Bonus.

As the land-based casino play with only two decks of cards, you can more easily know if you are to get a hand that can win the bonus. In the online version of blackjack, the deck is shuffled after each hand, making it more difficult to make speculations and forecasts. Read reviews of top Forex brokers here

Nevertheless, the option also exists in the bonus blackjack online versions. Blackjack bonus is paid only if one of the first two rounds of the player hits the 21. The dealer will check if he has a blackjack distributed only if an Ace or a 10. In the original version of blackjack bonus, the Jack of Spades. A jack and ace of another suit pay 25:1. Two cards of the same suit, the sum is 21, pays 5:2.

Remember that betting on bonus pay only on the first two cards of the player and not on any two consecutive cards. The probability of drawing an ace or a jack of spades as the first card is 1 in 52. And the probability of drawing the second card required to complete the hand with a blackjack is 1 in 51. The combination of these two probabilities is 0.038 percent. Best trading tips and guide to Forex bonuses, find more at

Which is much less than 50:1 in blackjack bonus paid for this hand, which is half the 25:1 paid for blackjack the same suit. The probability of drawing two cards of the same suit is one in seven, and the bonus in this case is 5:2.

Another possible additional bet that you can do is the Royal Match: If the initial two-card hand consisting of two cards of the same suit, the bonus pays 5:2. A Royal Match, or two Jacks, queens or kings of the same suit pays 25:1.

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