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If another player raises before him, but he counters with an all-in. He brings so maybe the other players to get off or it comes to a duel of cards. However, he is also just call once and wait to see if he can improve on the flop. If this fails, it increases natural. For he is dependent on his cards, he wants to exist as favorite against one other opponent.

when the short stack player gets in the game, he wants to double his chip. He destroys the strategies of other players. The other players can not continue playing normally when the short stack player is all-in. For the latest on the flop, it is call or fold for them.

If such a short stack player a long time sitting at the table and pulls out his strategy, one can often observe that the other players go with his all-ins with worse cards. He is not even taken seriously as a poker player, because he wants to play no serious poker and he has only enough chips.

From the perspective of the other players in the Short Stacker is a nuisance, so some try to sweep him even with bad cards from the table. Such situations are of course exactly what you want to achieve with this strategy. , if it has the short stack player now managed to double their chips, they will say goodbye to this table and can start his game at a different table from the beginning.

So if you believe that a bet or raise you probably making a profit on this sheet, you should try that too. The only time when you slide to go along with the resolution in a bet with a draw would create if you are pretty sure that you set a bet is likely to increase.

So if you are on a draw on the train and no one has set up now, you should tend to bet. But it does not commit you to please errors and bet too little, you bet as much as you would put in an already made sheet.

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