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The winner will receive a large amount of chips, which increases its view of the total profits considerably. Ultimately achieved the prize will be shared between the scammers. In some community card games exploits to cripple the deck / cripple the deck to have a sheet, which makes it impossible to keep up with the other players in the hand. An example would be a Texas Hold'em hand with AT on a flop of AT . In this case, it is unlikely that you will make a lot of money. This would allow "the deck crippled / paralyzed".

A hand, which is considered separately at a very good is that is does not propose a concrete other hand. This designation is the most common of the Texas Hold'em. An A combination, for example, usually have a good hand. However, it is dominated by the combination AK. This is the case because, whenever the first-mentioned combination of cards is a good hand, it is more likely that the latter gets even better.

The mathematically calculated value of the current deal they deserve a player. It is calculated by multiplying the amount of money contained in the pot with the probability of the match prize. If the pot is filled, for example, currently € 100 and you have a one in four chance of winning, your market value is 25 euros in the pot. There is the prospect of a split, adds to market value but also the multiplication of the probability of winning this split and the split size, if the pot is filled, for example, with 100 euros, your chance of winning is a quarter and your chance to make a split from 50 € to obtain, is fifth, your market value adds up to 25 euros + 10 euros = 35 euros.

The float means a use that has been made to clear the pot later. It resembles a gelatin call or a gelatin slow play (a game thoughtful to disguise a strong hand). For example, you pay repeatedly to the successful use on the flop, hoping that the one who raises the stakes did not improve his Ace-King combination gives up and no longer increased. Then you make your bet and take the pre-flop aggressor with a little luck from the pot. So we glide through the use of other flop and looking for a way to take the pot to us.

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