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The game blackjack card game is perhaps the best known and loved in the world, on a par with the poker. E ', however, very different from the latter, as all players know, and this makes them perfectly complementary. The poker is indeed a game that requires great skill, concentration, ability to read the expressions of the other players and to understand their psychology. Blackjack is instead mathematics, coldness and luck. The two games also have a very different story, although in both cases the events that led them to this day are very special and interesting.

Blackjack is a game whose origins are lost in the mists of medieval and early modern age. Like many other games, seems to have flourished in the rich noble courts of Italy and France, in an age where everything had to worry about the nobles, while the peasants were breaking the back of the land in them, the feudal lords, were the owners, was to celebrate and have a feast. In a class by wealth so wanton, who lived in total isolation from the surrounding misery, the game was something very important. In fact served to brighten the long nights of partying and the days of idleness.

Fads traveling very quickly in that caste so restricted and segregated, and therefore also the games were traveling, spreading throughout Europe. The age of the nobles is over, many of the members of that caste were left to go to the guillotine, but their amusements they have not gone forgotten and you are in fact common to the lower classes. In the wake of the latter, and their constant movement in search of fortune, blackjack has traveled the world and has taken root in the most diverse countries.

Its better luck, however was certainly that of finding themselves in the United States. Here he became the protagonist of the first casinos that dotted throughout the vast country, and then entered in the first big casinos like The entrance to the casino was really the turning point for blackjack, which has seen a recognized role within those gigantic buildings.

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