Roulette Wheel

The roulette game for many players is the very representation of gambling. With its understated elegance and the total prevalence of the role of luck on the fate of the game, it is not surprising that the golden wheel has become the very symbol of gambling. There are many such casinos and sites related to the theme of the game using the roulette wheel in their logo, just for its evocative power.

The history of roulette is very long and the origins of the game are lost in oblivion. As is the case for example for baccarat, roulette authorship is disputed between the two countries have always been rivals Italy and France.

According to those who support a paternity Italian, roulette would be born in our country in the seventeenth century, at a time when the game was also part of the kit of every aristocratic party. And 'in fact in that environment that were born many games of chance.

At that time the noble families lived in splendid isolation in the most magnificent courts and populated by more or less close relatives, idlers, ladies in waiting. Two were the main occupations for these aristocrats: marriages of convenience and wildest parties.

In fact, if the marriage was the tool to secure political and economic wealth, the parties were the expression of that same wealth. And in these festivals ate, drank, were woven textures loving and played.

This caste-nothing, who lived in misery while keeping the peasants who worked his land, he went extinct as we approached the contemporary age, but its entertainment survived, becoming more popular. No longer confined exclusively in the houses of the nobles, the games were spreading far and wide. This was true also for the roulette wheel.

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