Wheel Of Fortune Game

Inevitably when you play roulette our mind finds images of the past, with women and men of great class sipping cocktails play in the most exclusive casinos of Monte Carlo and the Riviera.

The Rules of Online Roulette is no different from those of the classic roulette, and so there is no doubt that the excitement caused by playing online is as strong as what it feels like in a physical and not virtual.

The simplicity of the rules of roulette, combined with game play easy to follow, have allowed this game to become perhaps one of the most popular games of chance in history. The player must guess which box the ball will fall running inside a wheel thrown by the croupier.

According to the rules of the game of roulette, the game board is composed of a wheel, in which the ball spins, and an area where the bets are played on the numbers. The wheel has 36 slots numbered 1 to 36 (half black, half red) and two slots numbered 0 and 00 (green).

The croupier spins the wheel and will enter the ball which moves in the opposite direction on the upper edge of the wheel itself. With the decrease of the intensity of the spin of the wheel, the ball loses momentum also, even by the action of buffers placed between the boxes, until finally settling in a box. Since the bets are played on the common area of ​​the table bet, or do not place in front of each player, the dealer gives each player the chips colored spherical in shape, each color corresponds to a player. These particular chips are used exclusively at roulette. The player at the time to convert the chips in classic colored may also decide the value of each colored chip. If the player changes to 100 € normal colored chips, for example, may decide that any new colored chip has a value of 1 euro (thus getting 100 colored chips) or 2 euro (receiving 50 chips colored) and so on, according to the preferences of each.

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