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The abbreviation stands for AIMS Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies, and deals with the management of Lotto and National Lottery and Lotto. There are also online casinos on the internet AIMS, which possess a license granted by this institution to operate gambling on the net. Until recently, anyone who wanted to play at online casinos just had to use foreign sites, but today you can safely play in the Italian ones on the internet, running less risk.

Of course, you can always continue to play on the sites for many years are also available in Italian language and give you the opportunity to win that is to have fun. The AIMS licensed, as well as being the safest, should ensure a quotient of winnings almost twice the traditional casinos, payments must be secure and privacy protected with SAL encryption system 128, the game software must be simple and sure, the rules must be transparent, must be provided with a technical support and customer service in Italian and finally must encourage responsible gambling and protect children.

The casinos on the internet authorized by AIMS have to follow a particular rule that was published in the Official Journal in February of 2011. The legislation is obviously complicated, like all Italian laws, and casino AIMS on the network will have to be very careful to respect every single line of the mandate.

This requirements are clearly controlled by the AIMS before the site can be published on the internet, and are verified continuously by a team specially dedicated to the game safely assumed by the administration.

AIMS has started granting licenses, and the number of authorized operators online at the moment is quite limited. Luckily all the online casino AIMS are of excellent quality, especially Titan Bet and William Hill, thanks to excellent graphics and the many payment methods available.

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